Don’t Starve Review

Don’t Starve

An Epic Tale of Survival

Scavenging for resources, struggling to stay alive, and of course, trying to not starve are the objectives of the amazing adventure known as Don’t Starve. The game puts you into an unknown world full of mysterious creatures and savage creatures that attack during the pitch black night. You play as Wilson, a man who has dedicated his life to science. You wake up somewhere in the huge world, and that is where you start to realize that you are the only human there, and there is no civilization, unless you count the houses constructed by human-sized pigs that you will stumble upon during one of your many, many playthroughs. You begin to gather resources and chop down trees. After gathering things like berries, you set up camp and try to survive the night. Each night that you stay alive in a playthrough gives you experience, which levels you up and gives you new characters. Don’t Starve does a great job of throwing you into a world of endless discovery.
From what I have seen so far, Don’t Starve is a game with an endless amount of replay value. Every time I started a new game after dying, during that journey I would always discover something new, or something that I hadn’t noticed in the world. The game’s map comes in handy a lot when you get lost in the woods and the sun is going down, especially when you do not have a source of light or a weapon. The only thing I didn’t like about Don’t Starve was that if it was night and you weren’t in the light, you would die within a matter of seconds, unlike in games like Minecraft and Terraria where you can fight the creatures of the night if you choose.
In the end, Don’t Starve is a great game and worth the $15. It is not a game that grows stale after playing it over and over, but one that gets better and better every time. You become more experienced with the world and your surroundings, making survival much simpler every time you play. Don’t Starve is an absolute blast, and definitely my favorite survival game on the market.

The NERDict

+ Cartoon Style Graphics

+ Feeling of Constant Danger

+ Exploration is Encouraged

–  No Way to Defend Yourself at Night

Rating: 8.5


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