Titanfall Review

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If you own an Xbox One, Titanfall is a must buy game. If you do not own an Xbox One, go out, buy an Xbox One, and buy Titanfall. It is more than worth it. Titanfall is the definitive next generation gaming experience, and I’ve been loving every second of  it. Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has set the bar high for competitive FPS games on the next generation.


Titanfall is a 6v6 multiplayer game. This is something that I was worried about. But, within my first match, I was no longer worried about the low player count. As I ran across rooftops on the game’s Angel City map, I saw large Titans destroying each other and loads of pilots below. I saw heavy amounts of fire raining in from the rooftops. And then I saw that I could call in my Titan. I looked into the sky, and there it was, plummeting to the ground at high speeds, and crashing into the earth. I leaped off of the roof and dove in, and then the game got downright phenomenal. As I marched through the streets, I totaled other mechs in my way. I also destroyed loads of Pilots, and the AI controlled enemies known as Grunts, which are low skilled enemies, and Spectres, which are higher skilled enemies. When playing as the Titan, I felt unstoppable. That was, until, a Pilot jumped onto the back of my Titan and destroyed it. I had to evacuate and was sent flying into the air. Now, it was time to play as the Pilot, which a completely different experience, but also an amazing one.

titanfall imc

Playing as a Pilot was just as great as playing as the Titan. The free running elements were seamless, such as running to the top of a building to rain fire on the enemies below, and the double jump really sold me on the experience. Free running and being quick are key to survival in open spaces. But in tight areas, I found myself in a corner using my cloaking device, waiting for an unsuspecting enemy to run by and meet their demise. When I played my first couple of games as a Pilot, I felt a little underpowered. But, soon enough, after unlocking Custom Loadouts, I felt even better about playing as the Pilot. The weapons look amazing, and the vibration in the triggers really make it an immersive experience.


The graphics in Titanfall are breathtaking. They are truly next gen visuals. From large cities to vast deserts full of monsters, Titanfall’s maps feel varied and alive. In one of my personal favorite maps, Boneyardmonsters circle over as you fight against your enemies. The living environments really give Titanfall the edge over its competitors. The other thing that makes Titanfall the go-to FPS for the Xbox One is the multiplayer Campaigns. In the first campaign, you are playing as a Pilot in the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, or IMC for short. The campaign consists of a mix of Hardpoint missions, similar to the Domination mode in other games in the genre, and Attrition missions, which is your standard Team Deathmatch gamemode. Titanfall is an all out blast, and definitely a game you should check out if you own an Xbox One or PC. And make sure to check back on NextGenerationGamer for all your gaming news and reviews on upcoming next gen titles!


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