Destiny Rated ‘T’ for Teen by the ESRB


Bungie and Activision’s upcoming MMO first person shooter Destiny has been given a ‘T’ rating by the ESRB. I found this while I was on the official Amazon page for the PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle. On the side of the box, you can clearly see that it says the game is rated ‘T’ for Teen. This is very surprising, due to the fact that every entry in Bungie’s extremely successful first person shooter series halo has earned an ‘M’ for Mature rating, and those games have a much shorter list of content than this MMOFPS, set for a release date of this September. You can see the image for yourself below, and make sure you come back to NextGenerationGamer for all things Destiny!

Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle
On the right side of the image, it shows that the game is rated ‘T’ for Teen for the following things – Blood, Drug Reference, Language, Sexual Themes, and Violence

10 thoughts on “Destiny Rated ‘T’ for Teen by the ESRB”

  1. I’m honestly kind of glad about this. I’m sick of every single popular game being rated M. Even though it listed those things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will have it in spades. We’ll see when it comes out, I suppose.

    1. I agree. It’s a good change of pace to have a new AAA title coming out on the market with a ‘T’ rating. I can’t wait to see what Destiny will be like when it hits shelves in September 🙂

  2. If you look closely, that is the ps4 box with the T rating. The first pictured shows the destiny game and it still has RP on the box.

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