Lords of the Fallen Hands-On Impressions

Recently, I had the chance to play Bandai Namco’s upcoming RPG adventure Lords of the Fallen, which is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this October. It felt very similar to the games in the Dark Souls franchise, but had things that made it feel like a separate experience. The combat is similar to the Souls series, but there are new additions that keep it fresh. There are crowd control abilities that are tied to the gauntlet weapons. The game features three set classes – Warrior, Rogue, and Cleric. All three of these classes come with different spells and abilities. In the demo I played, I chose the Warrior class.

LOTF Screenshot

Lords of the Fallen looks phenomenal on the PlayStation 4. The animations are solid, the environments are incredibly detailed, and the enemies look great also. The combat in the game felt natural, and I found myself cutting through a room of enemies with ease. After that, though, as I progressed through a tight hallway, I encountered a larger enemy type. He killed me. I worked my way up to that part in the demo again, and (you guessed it) he killed me. It took me a couple tries before I lured him back into the main room, where he fell through boards on the floor to his death. Lords of the Fallen makes you feel extremely satisfied after you take down a challenging foe. I had a great time playing the demo. It is perfect for fans of the Dark Souls franchise, along with anyone who wants a great and challenging next-gen RPG experience. Lords of the Fallen comes out on October 28, and keep it here on NextGenerationGamer for an in-depth review of the game!



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