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Loadout is a newly released multiplayer shooter for the PlayStation 4. The game features over-the-top action, comedic violence, and an extremely deep weapon crafting system with billions of different combinations. Loadout is fast-paced, fun, and free-to-play.

LOADOUT Screenshot 2

Loadout features five gamemodes: Death Snatch, Jackhammer, Extraction, Blitz, and Annihilation. Each one of the modes are well-made, and they are a total blast to play. In Death Snatch, the objective is to kill members of the enemy team, and then retrieve the Blutonium that drops from them when they die. In Jackhammer, the two teams are pitted against each other, with the objective being to steal the other team’s hammer, equivalent to a flag in a standard Capture the Flag gamemode. However, the hammer is extremely powerful, and it can take out anyone in its path when it is swung.

LOADOUT Screenshot 3

The Extraction gamemode focuses on the two teams grabbing scattered and unrefined shards of Blutonium from across the map and taking them to be processed. In Blitz, the primary objective is two capture all the control points on the map. Annihilation is a gamemode that is not for the faint of heart. It combines elements from Blitz, Death Snatch, and Jackhammer to create a chaotic and competitive experience. The gamemodes are all varied, and they work extremely well.

LOADOUT Screenshot 4

Loadout is an all-around fantastic game, but I did have one minor issue. As an active player and Beta tester of the game on PC, I was upset to see that there was no way to carry over my profile to the PlayStation 4 version of Loadout. It would have been nice to see a feature where I could port over my weapons and clothes. Aside from this issue, the game is amazing.

LOADOUT Screenshot 5


Loadout is an awesome free-to-play game, and it is one that should most definitely be played by any PlayStation 4 owners. I can’t wait to see where Loadout will go in the future. The game is frequently updated, and I know this well. The most recent update included an all-new campaign mode which is available from the second the game is downloaded on the PlayStation 4. The game boasts solid visuals, a variety of maps, and incredible gameplay. Loadout is currently Sony’s best free-to-play title for the PS4. For all of your PlayStation 4 coverage, keep it here on NextGenerationGamer!


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