Funk of Titans Review

Funk of Titans

Funk of Titans is the first game on the Xbox One by developer A Crowd of Monsters, and it is quite the platformer! Funk of Titans is an all-new side-scrolling adventure where the player must defeat the Music Gods in the name of funk by the god Zeus himself. The game’s main character is Perseus, wielder of Funk-Fu.  Perseus travels through 40+ levels across the three worlds of Pop, Rap, and Rock on his funky quest, and the environments and entertaining gameplay keep Funk of Titans fresh throughout its entire campaign.

Funk of Titans

Funk of Titans also features boss fights, which consist of mini games where Perseus has a dance-off with one of the Pagan Titans. These fights are fun and a nice change of pace from the rest of the game. There is a lot of content here for its $12.49 price tag. Funk of Titans also features a challenge system similar to that of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. When Perseus completes these challenges, he can purchase new items which will help in unlocking secret Pegasus levels. The Pegasus levels are similar to Halfbrick’s Jetpack Joyride or Techno Kitten Adventure.

Funk of Titans


A Crowd of Monsters did a fantastic job with Funk of Titans. I honestly can’t wait to see what other games they will bring to the Xbox One in the future. Funk of Titans is a must-have for fans of the plaformer genre, and it was totally worth my time to play through on the Xbox One, For all things gaming, keep it here on NextGenerationGamer!



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