Mad Max Review for the Xbox One

The Road Warrior returns in Avalanche Studios and WB Games’ outstanding and brutal Mad Max. Mad Max is a beautiful game. Its large desert landscape is an incredible location to explore, and the world is very alive. Cars zoom by, and caravans that transport gasoline and other valuable goods can be spotted soaring across the sand. The wasteland is loaded with collectibles, challenges, enemy camps, and many other objectives to complete.

The combat in Mad Max takes the familiar free-flow fighting system from the Batman Arkham franchise and expands upon it, giving combat a more realistic and brutal feel. Max will use weapons he finds in the different environments against his foes, leaving them to lay in the sand with no chance of survival. During combat, certain object in the environment can also explode, showing off the amazing graphics in Avalanche Studios’ newest title. Mad Max’s combat is tight, fast, and brutal. It is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of this spectacular game.

Mad Max Harpoon NGenGamer

Mad Max’s campaign is very well put together. The characters are all rich in detail, and fit perfectly into the Mad Max universe. My personal favorite character in the game was Max’s companion, Chumbucket. Chumbucket constantly assists Max by repairing the Magnum Opus or by firing the harpoon attached to the car. He is a very charming character, and has a handful of entertaining one-liners throughout the game’s campaign. He is an extremely helpful companion, and an unforgettable partner in Max’s journey.

Mad Max Cave

Overall, Max Max is a perfect experience. The game offers a strong narrative, an incredible cast of characters, a wide variety of enemy types, intense hand-to-hand combat, and explosive driving. Mad Max is most definitely my favorite game to release so far in 2015, and I hope that more is on the way! For all your gaming news and reviews, keep it here on NextGenerationGamer!


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