Fallout 4 Review

Fallout 4

I have been a longtime fan of Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout franchise. So, I couldn’t have been more excited when it was announced at this past E3 Conference that the beloved series would be making a return in Fallout 4, the next proper title in the series. However, nothing could have prepared me for the game that would release that upcoming November. After spending some time with the newest entry in the series, I realized that this is, by far, the best Fallout game that Bethesda has ever made.

Fallout 4 Review Screenshot 2

The game has an incredible amount of new features. Some of my personal favorite additions are that of a talking protagonist, customizable areas of the map, and a complete graphical overhaul. Fallout 4 looks beautiful, and plays beautifully. The combat is back, and it is better than ever. The game’s combat has improved severely since the last game, almost as much as the combat found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is improved over its predecessor OblivionFallout 4 plays more like a first-person shooter, and the game flows very naturally in combat situations.

Fallout 4 Review Screenshot 3

Dialogue options have also been changed for the game, as now players are given four options to choose from in conversations, similar to what one might see in BioWare’s Mass Effect franchise or any of Telltale Games’ more recent projects like The Walking Dead. Hearing your choices played out by a voiced protagonist, a first in the Fallout franchise, is extremely rewarding and helps in immersing you within this post-apocalyptic setting.

The game also looks absolutely stunning. As opposed to the grays and browns found in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 greets players with brighter environments, making it even easier to sink hours into the game as your eyes are brought in by the beautiful world in which Bethesda has created.

Fallout 4 Review Screenshot 4

Overall, the game is outstanding, and more than I could have ever asked for. With so much content in the game, it will be a long time before I’m done exploring the beautiful and vast open world that Bethesda has created. For all your gaming news and reviews, keep it here on NextGenerationGamer!


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