Quantum Break Review

Quantum Break Review 1

Remedy Entertainment’s newest Xbox One exclusive title Quantum Break is explosive, smart, and mind-bending, as you follow protagonist Jack Joyce through a wild time-travel adventure. This game is one of the most memorable experiences on Xbox One so far, as it shows the true power of the console through its gameplay and immersive storytelling.

The motion capture in the game is phenomenal, as actor Shawn Ashmore is represented almost perfectly in the game world as Jack Joyce. The seamless transition into the lengthy television-like episodes is not jarring, as many of the characters in the show look like their video game counterparts. The integration of the short series within the game helps advance the narrative. However, the dialogue and cutscenes found within game already provide enough information. These episodes are a nice addition, although not essential to the plot.

Quantum Break Review 2

Without giving away too much, I can say that Quantum Break has one of the best stories found on the Xbox One. It works perfectly alongside the gameplay. When finished with the game, I felt as if I had a complete experience, yet I wanted more. I hope that Xbox and Remedy decide to continue this franchise, as this game is probably my favorite thing that Remedy has ever made.

Quantum Break Review 3

The characters are all interesting, especially the villain played by Game of Thrones star Aiden Gillen. Everyone felt well-developed, and the actors really did incredible jobs in their roles. Whether in the gameplay or television segments, I always felt immersed within the universe. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more Quantum Break soon. Until then, make sure you keep up with all your gaming news and reviews here on NextGenerationGamer!


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