Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

Uncharted 4 Review Screenshot 1

Naughty Dog’s beloved franchise is, at last, coming to a close with the release of the highly-anticipated action/adventure title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Players once again take up their role as the iconic Nathan Drake as he takes part in his last adventure. The game is beautiful, and reminds us all of what we loved about the series.

The game’s story is one of the best found in the franchise, as we get to see familiar faces once again along with the addition of some new characters like Nathan’s brother, Sam, played by none other than the critically-acclaimed video game voice actor Troy Baker. Every character is extremely well-acted, and they look better than ever on the PlayStation 4’s graphics. Uncharted 4 does a great job in showcasing the sheer power that the system has, as true emotions are brought across the characters’ faces in scenes of drama or intense action.

Uncharted 4 Review Screenshot 3

The game, which is mainly focused on its single-player component, also has a number of surprisingly well-put-together and fun multiplayer modes. They play very similar to the gunplay found in the single-player half of the Uncharted franchise, as your character freely runs across the map and has the ability to use his environment around him as an aid in combat.

Uncharted 4 Review Screenshot 3

Uncharted 4 is definitely a memorable experience that does a great job in tying up a beloved series that many have grown to love over the years, whether that be because of the beautiful environments, incredible gunplay, or well-written and witty dialogue between characters. It does a great job in showing us why the Uncharted franchise will go down as one of the most cinematic and immersive storytelling experiences in gaming history.


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